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God bless the USA <3 respect this flag and be thankful for those who fight for this freedom

Me: *wishes more people would pay attention to me* Also me: *wishes people would leave me alone* Ah, the joys of being an extroverted introvert...

A guy from my neighbourhood came by with some sugar free candies and told me on Halloween his diabetic daughter would come by with him, and he asked me to give them to her. What an awesome daddy!

Mark shaved his beard and I am supportive of him no matter what because he is his own person! (The person before me said "Mark shaved his beard " but I fixed it because even though I don't like the no beard thing either, I respect that mark is his own person.)

No One Is Harder On Me Than Me So Take Your Judgment And Shove It Up Your Ass

This is a "good manners tree" with values on the "roots" (respect, kindness, empathy and patience) and manners on the "branches" (please, thank you, no thank you, you're welcome and excuse me). The tree "grows" (slit the background paper and make a loop and tape it to the tree part) as kids "water it" with good manners.

10/10/16 - URGENT!!! - I'm GUNNER ID 201612 - PLEASE HELP ME!!! - I am at a full, kill shelter in Greenville, Ohio - Darke County Animal Shelter, 937-547-1645, 5066 County Home Rd. Greenville, Ohio 45331.

Supernatural 3x10 Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I won't let anyone guilt trip me for expecting to be treated with respect, consideration and compassion.