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Clothes Not Costume - Layering

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READY TO SHIP Dragon Warrior feather by PoshFairytaleCouture

Holy light, give me strenght! – Kamui Cosplay

She really resembles the description of Kaylee Cousland in the fic 'To Spar With A Sten' which you can read/download from :-)

Een In Spel tas is handig om je spullen in mee te nemen. Hier een Engelse uitleg om er zelf een te maken.

skjoldkriger:valkyriethais:Shaman by Elena-NeriumOleanderI’m happy to see girls not skantily clad in viking wear sometimes… as much as I encourage dressing up in whatever way you feel comfortable, I find that Norway is a cold place and I doubt seriously you’d see a Norsewoman in essentially a fur and chainmail bikini.

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Dwarven Leather Bracer, larp, larping, larper, armor, costume, lotr, dwarf, dwarvish, fantasy, medeival

Dwarven Leather Bracer larp larping larper armor by FeralCrafter

Foam Bracers tutorial for LARP or Cosplay