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Oh my goodness!  Fox and the Hound.  Too cute!

Oh my goodness! Fox and the Hound. Too cute!

Windy..... yes, but lots of creases and wrinkles too!!! sweet and precious basset hound!!! ps, must have been some serious wind to get those very long ears up in the air like this pin shows!!!

* * " We wuz originally bred fer huntin' to beez able to truck down burrows. Az a result, we nows suffer from basically de same health problems az Munchkin cats. Spinal and leg hurtin'."

Okay, does anyone else find this slightly adorable? He was just so tired after all......I get it, sometimes you're just so tired.

Our Max(Bobie)Miller sits just like that. It's adorable!!

I have ALWAYS wanted a bassett hound, maybe one day soon, I will get one : )

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