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Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture Board Game

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She found lucrative work in Arizona doing custom framing, which helped pay the bills while Daniel was finishing law school. Unfortunately, she was forced to give up her job after contracting Valley Fever, a fungal infection caused in part by the Southwest desert dust.

Played Viticulture last night and really enjoyed it!! Viticulture is a 1-6 player worker placement game about running a vineyard in Tuscany where you can plant vines harvest crush grapes build cellars go to market play some totally boss cards and much much more. I'm not usually a big fan of worker placement but I really enjoyed this one!!! There's 2 things mechanically that make it quite a bit different from your standard worker placement game. Firstly every player has a grande worker that…


How Jamey Stegmaier, Designer of Viticulture, Makes Games

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