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How to create excellent observational drawings - 11 tips

Drawing from observation: forks tied with string. This superb observational drawing exercise is one set by artist and teacher Julie Douglas.

Ms Maggie Mo's 4th grade Art Book page of Elements & Principles 5-minute exercises. Other pages include: color wheel, Monart Drawing exercises, and info/coloring pages relating to art units. Students work in Art Book if they finish artwork early; also class takes Art Books out into the hall to work quietly while teacher puts up/takes down artwork.

Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students

Drawing Lesson for the Beginner in Art Schools Learning to draw accurately requires a lesson plan that consists of interesting drawing exercises for all drawing students to practice on an even footing. The art teacher must devise a scheme of work fronted by a tutorial containing strong and interesting teaching strategies to entice the curiosity and bolster the confidence of art students who wish to learn to sketch. Resources for Drawing Lessons An OHP light projector or Smartboard…