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This June, our focus is authenticity/vulnerability. Root down. Rise up! Stand tall. Smile into the mirror! It's great to be YOURSELF! #revwellbereal

The things you are passionate about are not random! Ever find yourself with a memory of when your passion began stirring? A time when you might have felt God snuggling quietly beside you. And now you realize that your passion has been welling up in your heart and now He is calling you to use it for His glory? Where is God calling you today? ‪#‎faithtofreedom‬ ‪#‎purpose‬ ‪#‎passion‬

There's power when your words get behind your faith.

Do you want to get well? I don’t often talk about supplements or prescribe one way to eat, or pills to take. But I am going to break my own personal policy for this one. Because what I am about to tell you to take IS the only weight-loss supplement that really works. Taken daily …