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Gaiwan 100ml ironrich stoneware w/ a stoney tan by GREENWOODSTUDIO, $26.00

Gaiwan iron-rich stoneware w/ a stoney tan matte glaze

gaiwan $34 greenwoodstudio ceramics on etsy

Gaiwan, iron-rich stoneware with mottled rutile glaze

155ml Celadon Stoneware Gaiwan - FREE SHIPPING

155ml Celadon Stoneware Gaiwan

155ml Celadon Stoneware Gaiwan - FREE SHIPPING

Crane Gaiwan

I'd love to drink some milk oolong from this beautiful crane gaiwan!

Chinese Porcelain Celadon Ru Kiln Tea cup Auspicious Pattern Moon White Gaiwan

Northern Passages

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Gaiwan3.5 oz Tea Set with Ocean and Cups Yixing Clay 7pcs Music City Tea http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HDQ450A/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_oJ7bub0CG8W1T

Oz Tea Set for Sell ** Find out more about the great product at the image link.

gaiwan ll. + miska

gaiwan ll. + miska / Zboží prodejce A.

Tea Serving Set

Teapot, Gaiwan, and 4 cups - tea serving set

For the tea lover.  I have purchased 4 cups from Shyrabbit and they are beautiful! Handmade Yunomi Tea Cup glazed Iron Red and Nuka with by shyrabbit, $38.00

Yunomi Tea Cup is glazed with Iron Red and over glazed with Nuka, and reduction fired in my custom designed gas updraft kiln high ft) in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado.