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ŌkamiandFenrix: Something big is about to happen and change life in Gravity Falls forever, I do not do these drawings/art if you ask me but I would like them because they have a great significance for us as we wanted to be born in Gravity Falls.

The things that keep us apart by markmak (Both Stans lost their brotherhood. Gideon lost his childhood. Will Dipper and Mabel loose their siblinghood? ~JohnnyTeoss)

Dipper: You trusted him over me. Mabel: Dipper I..... Dipper: NO MABEL!! I don't want to hear what you have to say!!! You trusted HIM over ME!!!! I'm your brother!!! I've been with you your whole. I've been with you every step of the way!!!! I've sacrificed EVERYTHING for you!!!!! And you don't even trust me? DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEELS!?!?! Mabel: Dipper..... Dipper: Dont even talk to me, Mabel. Mabel: *cries*