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The latest Tweets from Sam Angela's Vlog (@TravelVideoBug). A couple who has a passion for life & traveling. Join our adventure! Check out our vlog and subsribe!!! Snapchat: | Instagram: @samangelavlog. Los Angeles, CA

culturenlifestyle: “ New Inspirational Illustrations Pay Homage to the Magic of Nature by Katie Daisy Oregon-based illustrator Katie Daisy admits to being raised by “birds and warm breezes” in a small town, “where she was brought up among the other...

Wear Cute Pyjamas... By La Vie en Rose You never know who you will meet in your dreams. They shouldn't always have be expensive. Of course you must own a piece or two with a high price tag but they...

Wow.... And this sums up my life perfectly!! No longer the push over no longer ok with being so little..... No longer!! Like it or not....the hurt that nearly killed me and it truly nearly did has now made me stronger than you will ever understand

Have you ever been there? Where you truly just don't know what to do? Life is hard? I'm thankful I'm not there now, but I have been. At these times, I cannot help but wonder if God might want my "To Do" list of the day to read................BREATHE. -SD.

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