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Pablo Neruda poisoned: Did Pinochet agents and Michael Townley murder the great Chilean poet? Chile Exhumed Nobel Poet’s Body to Investigate Claims

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Body of Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda exhumed in murder probe

The body of Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, dead nearly four decades, was exhumed on Monday after his former driver said the poet was poisoned under Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship. (via Reuters)

from The Independent

Was Pablo Neruda killed by Pinochet?

Was Pablo Neruda killed by Pinochet? - Americas - World - The Independent

Judge Orders Hunt For Pablo Neruda's Alleged Killer: Forty years after death of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda judge issues order for police to make portrait of & find man who prosecutors allege may have poisoned him. Neruda's death was attributed at the time to prostrate cancer but case's plaintiff lawyer says there is new evidence showing Neruda was likely murdered by agents of dictator Augusto Pinochet. - June 2, 2013

9/11 - September Eleven by Osvaldo_Zoom. Subtitled: Sept. 11, 2001 - New York, Mass Murder ( deaths: 2,998 + 19 hijackers). Sept.11, 1973 - Santiago, Chile : Democracy Murder (Pinochet & CIA, Allende murder- The official death toll in the Chilean coup: 3,197).

US-backed fascist military dictator of Chile - General Augusto Pinochet. Guilty for the mass murder of at least 35,000 people and the torture of 28,000 people in concentration camps.

Chile National Stadium, 1973 - Here the Pinochet regime tortured and murdered hundreds of persons

Augusto Pinochet: Became dictator following a military coup and the murder of Salvador Allende, during his rule, thousands 'disappeared'

Pinochet ,Presidente de Chile: Discurso de despedida completo con himno nacional

Allende viste una chaqueta y un pantalón marengo. Carga con un fusil AK-47 Kalashnikov, regalo de Fidel Castro, y el GAP ingresa al palacio de gobierno dos ametralladoras y tres RPG-7, además de sus armas personales...Allende trata de obtener información sobre el movimiento, al no poder contactar a Pinochet exclama, "Pobre Pinochet, debe estar preso".