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Explore Energy Develop, Radius Electronegativity and more!

Developing Periodic Trends

Students will: --Define atomic radius, electronegativity, and ionization energy --Develop a 3D model that represents the atomic radius, electronega...

I have who has game atoms periodic table molecules chem 5th 6th 7th 8th jr high

Fun game-based review covering elements, molecules, atoms, and the periodic table. Your students will be engaged and learning while having fun! Click to find out more.

Parts of a Cell Reading Passage

This download is perfect if you are looking for a way for students to develop their reading skills within the science classroom setting. Reading, decoding word meaning, and visualizing is necessary in every content area.This passage contains 3 pages of reading that covers the 7 main parts of a cell including: nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondria, cell membrane, vacuole, chloroplast, and cell wall.

I Wish My Teacher Knew {Now Your Teacher Knows}

Students need an outlet; thanks to Kyle Schwartz #Iwishmyteacherknew movement, open lines of communication and relief for our students can be present at all times. These printables make it easy to add this movement as a permanent part of your classroom.

Paragraph Structure Task Cards

Paragraph Structures Task Cards - These will really help your students to learn what goes in a paragraph and where it should go. Differentiate with two response sheets - multiple choice for beginners and short answer for more advanced students.

Reminders for Students & Parents: Sticker Labels

Reminder Labels: Just stick them on students' t-shirts before they go home, or add the stickers to students' planners or take-home folders. It's much easier (and cuter!) than printing notes on paper that will likely get lost in the shuffle...

Greek and Latin Root of the Week {Rolodex & Daily Practice Activities}

Such a simple idea for Greek and Latin Roots!!! Posting the root word wheel outside of my door, it acts as a “Password” as my 5th graders enter into my classroom. Each morning, students lead a simple, 3-5 minute activity working with our root - recording it, listing it, picturing it, chanting it, and teaching it.

Circulatory System Pack

Circulatory System Lab and Notes Teaching Pack his pack includes a foldable to help students take notes and organize background information, and a lab.

Density mass volume PowerPoint foldable Cornell Notes notebooking jr. high 6 7 8

Bricks, feathers, and Archimedes, oh, my! Have your students totally engaged with this lesson covering density, mass, and volume. Includes PowerPoint presentation, Cornell style notes, a foldable, and embedded video clips. Perfect for classes that use interactive notebooking. Created by Mister Science.