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Texas In Bullseye: Massive Military Movement On Texas Train And Missiles Primed For Texas Launch Ahead Of Jade Helm 15 As FEMA Wal-Mart Connection Becomes More Clear

Astronaut Dick Scobee was born today 5-19 in 1939. He was the Commander of the ill-fated U.S. space Shuttle, Challenger. He was killed in the Challenger explosion Jan 28, 1986

Thursday, June 21 passed with the usual run of crime, chaos and political lies we've come to know as "the news". But it was an important anniversary — and it went almost unnoticed. A year ago, the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE), in partnership with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, launched a Charter of Rights challenge of Stephen Harper's police state anti-terrorism act, Bill C-51.

Ten days before Justice Antonin Scalia died, launching the political battle over who would fill his vacancy, Chief Justice John Roberts delivered a speech slamming the Supreme Court nomination process. In remarks at Boston's New England Law, The New York Times reports that Roberts denounced the politicization of the process that he says is really just meant to ensure that nominees are qualified for the job. "We don't work as Democrats or Republicans," the chief justice said, "and I think…

Preserving Religious Freedom. Experts and everyday citizens express their thoughts about why religious freedom is so important and what people can do to preserve it.

More than 110 countries recognize their citizens' right to a healthy environment. A recent report by Ecojustice argues that Canadians are in urgent need of the same right.