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Prince Rupert Of The Rhine 1619-1682 ~ Rupert routed a Parliamentarian force at Powick Bridge in September 1642. He fought at Edgehill after which he suggested a swift cavalry attack on London before the Earl of Essex's army could return. The King's counsellors urged a slow advance, and by the time they arrived, the city had organized defences against them forcing the King to retreat to Oxford. Some say that, in delaying, the Royalists had perhaps lost their best chance of winning the war.

on Oak Apple Day, 29 May, Worcester the 'Faithful City' celebrates the day by decorating the entrance to the Guildhall with oak branches and leaves. Oak Apple day marks the birthday of Charles II in 1630 and his restoration to the throne in 1660. Worcester played a significant role in the English Civil War with the first skirmish in September 1642 taking place nearby at Powick Bridge and the final battle was in Worcester on 3 September 1651, from which Charles made his famous and epic…