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Amanda L. :: Newfaces –'s Model of the Week and Daily Duo

I don't want to hurt you. And if that means stepping back until you're ready. Then I'll give you all the time you need...just don't let me go.

Not the face, but the hair and clothing style is Julia

Hi there, I'm Caroline Schreave. I'm the younger sister of the two boys. Im eleven years old and pretty girly, although my brothers make fun of me for still playing with dolls.

Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo where they make the meetings sometimes


Chão de Versos

((Closed. Be prepared for Piper feels because I decided on her mental disorders~)) "Higher!" The brunette laughed, holding on tighter to the swing as she asked (forced) Jack to push her. Once she felt she was high enough, she gestured for him to move, waiting until he did so. Kicking her legs a bit more, Piper jumped off the swing, feeling like she was flying for a second before crashing to the ground, somehow landing on her feet. Normally, she hated heights, but this was different, she felt…

[ Shelly Hennig ] "hey. I'm Malia Tate. I'm 17. I'm really shy.. I love running. I love the wind. I love track and just sitting in my school library, curled up with a good book. I'm also good at hacking.." I bite my lip, "not that I've ever hacked the government... Oh.. I'm also good with combat. I have a brother, his name is Blake. Introduce?"

Cozi Zuehlsdorff! I got to meet her yesterday AND today, I really got to know her well! I was talking to her for about 20 minutes yesterday and saw her again at a meet and greet today! She is soooo sweet I love her!

This right the definition of perfection. Holland Roden.

My name is Jasper Fialcone. I'm a five on the caste system and make music, believe it or not. I especially love the violin and piano. Introduce?