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" "You RUINED me. Trust me when I say I plan on returning the favor." I read the words on the ceiling above my bed as I wake up. I don't know who wrote it, but I really don't care. All the people I've hurt not one has come close to doing equally as harmful damage– who cares? I have more important things to do than play games with scum." -@UnicornOnAcid16

They where sitting, they where sitting on the strawberry swing. Every moment was so precious ••• We sat together on your sweet strawberry swing by the lake. Everything was so special, and being with you on that warm summer afternoon made me feel all sorts of wonderful inside...


Time biographer.

writing prompt // You're a time traveling biographer. You travel through time befriending historical figures to better understand them. However, you've gotten a little too close with you most recent subject.

"Not the pizza! Anything but the pizza!" He fell to his knees in front of the ruined, soaked in rain water pizza, I rolled my eyes. "Stop. Your making a scene." I hissed. "GOD WHY!!!!!" He screamed throwing his hands in the air. I sighed.

Write about a princess, or prince, who returns to their family castle to find it... empty.

possibly he could live in a dome, dessert like setting, earth now considered to be a lavish paradice of wildlife and plants, oceans and mountians. like a heaven concept, earth becomes a magical, untouched wasteland, with ancient ruins to explore

I'm gonna make a story based on this.... Please COMMENT names for main character and other characters, how old the main character should be, and what city they'll wake up in.


Ancient technology.

You discover a passageway to ancient ruins, but inside you find technology, that while extremely ancient, is extremely advanced.

It's called rain...(I'm sorry if I'm ruining your guys prompts for being a sarcastic sh*t)