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Yes, yes this is the great and powerful warlock, the mighty Emrys. Ah, yiss, very magic, much sorcery.

This is how I feel when people compliment me. I feel like old female merlin.

Merlin does this a lot where he says he wasn't going to say "I told you so" and then he starts saying and he says sorry and makes that face XD

Their faces in the last 2 frames! So much communication in Merlin was done by facial expressions, and Colin Morgan is the MASTER of facial communication.

The Knights of the Round Table are reduced to just three

It's funny how Arthur doesn't feel the need to stand ;

Oh My God!!! I don't really ship Merthur, but this was so beautiful!

Just drive a sword through my heart why don't you? That'd be less painful!

But really, I just want someone like Arthur or Merlin. They both have all the other stuff listed. --Description by DestinyandDoom

things merlin taught me that my future spouse should be.



Brotherhood- Arthur & merlin :) #hecares I miss them both so much.

I love how when ever Merlin stops talking all the time Arthur gets worried! I've said this a billion times, but I love their friendship.

The Knights of the Round Table + Shakespeare  #merlin

"And make death proud to take us." -Shakespeare Can you hear the sound of my heart cracking?