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Aunt Melissa’s Granola. It was so popular she ended up selling it to the local co-ops and then beyond.( I made this today, mmmmmm!!! This is a keeper!!! )

QuinoaCrunch1Mmmmmm.... this stuff tastes great! soaked the quinoa one day, dried it out the next, then I could eat it instantly, and it was good. The rest of the batch is in the oven drying now - will see how much better it tastes baked.

I had some yummy Jasmine Green Milk Tea at a local cereal bar and I just couldn't stop until I found this recipe.

This site says that they provide baking ingredients and products previously unavailable to the public. Low carb, sugar free, corn syrup free, high in fiber and protein, and always delicious! So if you're diabetic, living a low carb lifestyle, weight conscious, or just looking for healthy eating alternatives, look no further! They offer breads, muffins, desserts, pizza, and more...