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The first time I heard it, I thought it was a joke. When I heard it again, I thought the teacher was trying to be poetic. As he walked sloooooowly around the heated yoga studio telling us to “engage” this and start “looking inward” that, I had absolutely no idea what he meant. But the... Read More

7 Things Yoga Has Taught Me and Shaped My Life Today... Best article I've read on yoga to date.

Has your yoga teacher ever reminded you to "find your drishti"? Have you wondered what that actually means? This post breaks down the meaning of Drishti and how you can incorporate this idea into your yoga practice (and life!).

There's so much more to yoga than what happens on the mat. When you need a little push in the right direction or a fresh perspective, the Yoga Sutra is your guidebook for living with intention. We handpicked 30 essential sutras to return to again and again.

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