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Migos aren't very lyrical, but they hype me up for literally everything. Im listening to them while i type right now

This really is a great, quick yoga sequence. Only about 7 minutes of yoga, and it really does get the juices flowing! I feel re-centered and ready for what's next.

A typical sun salutation is a great way for the body to get moving, and increase sweat, breathing, and metabolism.

Gentle 20-Minute Morning Yoga - Yoga With Adriene. Choosing to move and connect in the morning is one of the best things we can do for ourselves! This video is a gentle practice for all levels a nice way to connect to the muscles and joints and clear the mental and emotional channels for the day ahead.

Morning Yoga -- Stretch the entire front and back of the body, build strength and boost your energy levels with this 20 minute full body energizing flow. A morning yoga routine that gives you the amount of stretch and focus you need to have a calm and productive day.

It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . long work hours! For those of us who work in the service and retail industry, the holiday season can mean standin

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