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Get the Spring 2015 issue if ADDitude magazine! Highlights include: dozens of apps that will help adults get a handle on symptoms, strategies to keep emotions from getting in the way of success, and the secrets of improving working memory.

Get the Summer 2014 issue of ADDitude! Highlights include how to defuse an angry child, the latest science behind the other ADHD, tools for quick, stress-free decisions, easy to-do apps that work, plus more!

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How working memory games can improve kids’ executive function in 5 minutes a day

Working Memory Brain Games for kids--improve kids' executive functioning in 5 minutes a day

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Funny Autism T-Shirt | Keep Calm and Stim On

"Keep Calm and Stim On" Funny Autism T-Shirt with funny autism quote and puzzle piece for Awareness Month. Men's Women's and Kids T-Shirt sizes.

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7 Executive Function Deficits Tied to AdHD

"Essentially, ADHD is an executive function deficit disorder (EFDD). The umbrella term “ADHD” is simply another way of referring to these issues. These seven executive functions develop over time, in generally chronological order. Self-awareness starts to develop around age 2, and by age 30, planning and problem solving should be fully developed in a neurotypical person. ADHDers are generally about 30 to 40 percent behind their peers. Quote From

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The 15 Best ADHD Apps of 2016

Best ADHD iPhone and Android Apps - "30/30, Due, Momento, MindNode, Clear, Epic Win, Home Routine.. "


Remember the Milk! — Tips to Improve Working Memory

If you forget phone numbers or grocery lists on a daily basis, follow these easy tips to boost your working memory.

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6 Best Job Attributes for Adults with ADHD

10 Best Jobs For Adults With ADHD ... I found this EXTREMELY helpful. Not only lists the jobs, but, explains the positives and the negatives to them for an adult with ADHD.