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I just think this is completely boss. I want one ... It's be cute if it was actually from his gun too. <3

Bullet Necklace-Winchester 45 Auto Bullet Jewelry-Bullet Jewelry Necklace-45 Bullet Necklace-Swarovski Element-Spent Casings- Ammo Jewelry

Bullet Necklace-Winchester 45 Auto- Bullet Jewelry-Swarovski Vintage Rose-Spent Casings- Ammo Jewelry

Backwoods Barbie 12 Gauge Bullet Necklace

Backwoods Barbie 12 Gauge Bullet Necklace by WireNWhimsy on Etsy, $30.00. I'm pretty sure dad could make this.

Shot through the heart and you're so vain. These earrings won't give you a bad name. (You will now sing that the rest of the day. You're welcome.)

Shoot Like a Girl with 9mm Bullet Necklace