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Revolution: the Making of the Beatles' White Album (The Vinyl Frontier)

new Beatles biography Tune In - http://johnrieber.com/2014/02/10/the-beatles-remixed-white-album-x100-beatles-abbey-road-greatest-outtakes/

Taking its title from Danger Mouse’s pioneering mashup of Jay-Z’s The Black Album and the Beatles’ The White Album, Kevin Young’s encyclopedic book combines essay, cultural criticism, and lyrical choruses to illustrate the African American tradition of lying—storytelling, telling tales, fibbing, improvising, “jazzing.”

Geoff Emerick fue el principal de los ingenieros en sonido de The Beatles. Junto a George Martin, el productor de los Beatles, Emerick protagonizó la grabación de cada tema de Revolver; Seargent Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band; Magical Mystery Tour; Yellow Submarine y de White Album. Emerick recorre en detalle la forma de componer; grabar; reeditar y pulir música que usaban The Beatles. Emerick penetra en la esencia de las prácticas creativos de The Beatles. Notable en cómo crear algo…

1979: arguably best female essayist of modern era, Didion stuns w/ this collection; she catalogues nervous breakdown in titular essay, but she also takes on women’s movement, Georgia O’Keefe, & Ronald Reagan; infamous packing list alone makes The White Album necessary reading

Author Jonathan Cott met John Lennon in 1968 and was in the studio while the Beatles worked on the White Album. Cott remains friends with Yoko Ono and writes about her positive influence on Lennon. This is a very personal account and a good antidote to the many authors who demonize Ono and insist that she broke up the Beatles ---Mark W.

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