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from Her Campus

10 Things Every Guy Can Learn From Harry Styles

Harry Styles playing soccer. 2 of my favorite things

should i do individual boards for each of the lads or should they all go on one board (this board) pls pls comment idc if you're following me

from Twitter

i follow back bc ily on

Ah yes. The graceful and majestic Styles strikes again.

..and then he does a pirouette.... isn't Zayn suppose to be the one doing the pirouette (BSE reference)

Harry Styles>>Guys pray for his phone its gonna FALL!

Harry Styles. The only guy i know who can wear a bun and still look awesome!!!!!! <3 luv him!!!!

Harry Styles playing football(soccer) with the boys

I'm honestly really upset bc today in vball we got our jerseys and I really wanted #14 or #16 bc Niall's soccer jersey was 14 and Louis' 16 BUT they didn't have 16 at all and somebody else took the 14. so, I got stuck with same number from last year and it was all fine I had my size and it was good but somebody else on my team needed my size so I had to go down 1 size and now all that everybody will be looking at is my flabby tummy and my chestal area. but anyways that was a long rant lol