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KT Tape Pro for Lateral knee pain with pain over fibula

from Runner's World

Tape Yourself: Shinsplints

Tape Yourself -- How to use Kinesio Tex Tape to relieve shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fascitis, and runner's knee. On this informative site, you can find out everything from how to detect carpal tunnel syndrome to how to relief yourself from the pain with exercises.

from Healdove

Treat and Cure Stiff Neck or Shoulder to Ease the Pain

How To Treat And Cure Stiff Neck Or Shoulder To Ease The Pain. This is amazing!

from BarbellsAndBaking

The Top 10 CrossFit Workouts for Traveling or Having Minimal Equipment (with Modifications)

CrossFit Workout for Traveling or Having Minimal Equipment | Cindy - Pull-ups, Push-ups & Squats |

Learn about general knee pain taping. Knee pain can result from many conditions. Among athletes, common injuries arising from overuse include inflammation and irritation of the patella or quadriceps tendons from poor patella tracking. Other causes of common knee pain stem from injuries that strain or tear ligaments. Meniscus damage and arthritis are also major contributors to knee pain. Each of these conditions have their own well-established treatments that include rest, icing after…


The Best and Worst Yoga Poses for Bad Knees

Knee pain is the number two cause of chronic pain, with more than one third of Americans suffering from it. #restorative #yoga

RockTape- How to Tape for Lower Back Pain and Discomfort Here is an easy video brought to you by RockTape on showing you how to tape for lower back pain. RockTape is the only kinesiology tape made to meet the demands of high level fitness athletes from... #hellalife #ktape #kinesiologytape