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I'm no flag expert, but I believe someone screwed up here...

LOOK: Something Isn't Quite Right Who hires these people at the TV stations? People who can't look at the Olympic guidebook, Google, or use a dictionary should not be allowed to work at a media outlet. Just saying.

Florida-Georgia Line "Cruise" grumpy cat :P

57 Hilarious Memes That Will Leave You In Stitches

When you need a good laugh take a moment and pass through this collection.

I'm going to do this and put it in the garden in my front yard. This is for all those nosy little neighbor kids like to touch my garden angel decorations! lol #rock #humor

Learn English Grammar|Sounds We Make in English to Express Emotions|This handy chart gives definitions for sounds that native-English speakers make when talking to express meaning. Since these sounds vary from one language and culture to the next, and these sounds are common, it could be helpful as a reference for ELLs.