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Similar to our small solid diamond drill bits, these drill bits are hollow allowing water to circulate more freely. They are ideal for drilling holes in glass, tile, ceramic and porcelain, glazed pottery, beads, pebbles, stone, slate, petrified wood, fossilized bone and rock. For those tough pieces of sea glass, they work a dream!

“I use Eternal Tools diamond core drills on glass about 1mm-3mm thick and can normally drill between 200 and 300 hundred holes.The best ever result was 450 holes with one drill bit ( impressive) I use slow speeds, always gently pumping up and down and drill constantly under water”

Carving a stone and decoration - Incisione di una pietra e decorazione - YouTube

The Dremel 4200 is ready to tackle your challenge. Nine winners will receive a Dremel 4200 tool kit.

Diamond Point Bur: Shape, grind and finish with precision! These high-quality, long-wearing diamond burs offer the hardness of diamond plated over steel to provide uniform cutting on a wide variety of materials. Brand: Rio Grande Material: Diamond Head shape: Point Shank size: 3/32"

Sailboat Summer Days - engraved Beach Stone Pendant - All natural Ocean pebble

Rock art, with my Dremmel dremmel dremmeL. Picture only but awesome idea. I'll need to play around with this. -LM