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Nov. 16 -- Fall harvest.
Aug. 7 -- Another great harvest at Our Garden.
Sept. 25 -- Our Garden's harvest! Makes me so happy.
Aug. 1 -- This week's harvest at Our Garden was 602 pounds. Amazing.
Aug. 29 -- Some heirloom tomatoes from Our Garden. We're close to 6,500 pounds of produce donated so far this season.
Feb. 8 -- It's cold and foggy today, but this brilliant bloom from a carpet rose, growing above a happy pot of aeoniums, provides a bit of welcome warmth to the day.
Nov. 8 -- OMG, one of my lemon trees turns out to be an orange tree. I'm torn between embarrassment and joy. Picked two; delicious!
May 29 -- The harvest of summer squash and egg plant from Our Garden today was 98 pounds, including this very interesting one.
Oct. 2 -- I almost went with a picture of a toilet for today, because that's the day it's been. But decided on something more positive in hopes the karma gods will take note.
June 9 -- My elephant ears are coming up!