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With the always­ changing routines, awesome tunes, and energetic atmosphere and instructors, you will get hooked in no time at #btone #fitness.

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Pilates Back Bay; Boston, MA Pilates Back Bay is a boutique studio that offers personalized programs taught by their staff of experienced instructors, based on individual needs. The studio offers private and small group sessions to help you achieve your fitness goal, whether it be getting in shape or injury rehabilitation. Think of it as a youth elixir for your body-- a way to feel better for years to come!

The Studio (MDR); Venice, CA

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: CityRow; New York, NY Get ready, get set, row! In case you’ve been tuned out of fitness world chatter of late, rowing may be one of the fastest growing workouts around. And CityRow, the clean, well-lit studio on lower Fifth Avenue, is one of New York’s top spots to get acquainted with how and why rowing works.

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Xtend Barre West Hollywood #barre #fitness

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Foxy and Fierce Women's Kickboxing Bootcamp; Los Angeles, CA #fitness #kickboxing #LA #GoRecess

LA Fans: Whether you are looking to crank up the cardio on the treadmill, strengthen and tone on the Pilates reformer, or unleash your inner rockstar with POUND, Fitmix Studio has a #workout that will make you sweat. #fitness

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Total Body Transformation

What better day to start a new program than today? :) #totalbody #transformation #skinnyms

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Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone with the Megaformer

Introducing the Megaformer, which our blogger likes to call "a Pilates reformer on steroids." She says "My body’s transforming, and I think my mind is, too."