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A Simple Diagram for Men who Think women are Complicated -- Men, is it really that hard to know #whatwomenwant? They just want you to be with them for the right reason. If you're not, then please leave and don't let her hang onto you and rip your shirt on the way out. Don't date any more emotionally unavailable men.

This is why a woman typically goes for "bad boys" instead of "nice guys -- five reasons why. Why woman want a #badboy instead of a #niceguy.

This was on my personal FB timeline, but it's the tone of my "Talk About Men" Blog. I don't want to make trouble for anyone. I just want to say my peace about how men sometimes reject women just because their not perfect. Still, I don't get even. I just get on with my life.

Go ahead men with your pursuit of the younger woman who you think will boost your ego! In the end, you will suffer serious consequences for being judgmental of age-appropriate women!

What set of fresh relationship lies from hell are these? Men say all kinds of things and make all kinds of promises. Do they mean what they say? Some of them maybe, but not all of them do. #lies men tell. #lieshurt #lieswomenbelieve

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