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Facial composite of Mozart, circa 1777, created by the German Federal Criminal Police Office from four contemporary portait paintings.

When geneticists did DNA testing of the small, homogeneous, inter-related Icelandic population, they were surprised to find out that far from being 100% Viking as assumed, the Icelanders were 1/3.... Irish! These genes came from slaves raided from the Irish and Scottish coasts and brought to Iceland before 1100. Íris Sif Ragnarsdóttir by Étienne Ljóni Poisson, via Flickr

13 Incredibly Spooky Photographs Of Ghosts

Here are some spooky ghost pictures and video which should help set the mood for Halloween. Some of the ghosts are scary, and others sad. Have you ever had a run in with any denizens of the spectral realm? This one sets the tone for Halloween. It's...

The Rosetta Stone is an ancient Egyptian granodiorite stele inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The decree appears in three scripts: the upper text is Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion Demotic script, and the lowest Ancient Greek. Because it presents essentially the same text in all three scripts (with some minor differences among them), it provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

32 Things You Might Not Know About London

"The original medieval London Bridge was in continuous use for over 600 years. Heads were displayed on spikes for 355 of those years."

7 Unsolved Murder Mysteries To Keep You Up At Night

The 14 Creepiest Ted Bundy Quotes

The evil showing in serial killer Ted Bundy. He was executed in 1989 for the torture and murder of over 30 women but he is thought to have killed many more than that.

10 Places Begging To Be Investigated

The Oregon Vortex (Though it's only 100 feet in diameter, the Oregon Vortex is apparently very scary. Animals refuse to enter it, and people who go inside report seeing very strange things.)