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Classic Predator - the demon who makes trophies of men

POLL: Should the trophy hunting of giraffes be banned? OBVIOUSLY. This shouldn't even be a question.

A Dioscorea elephantipes on the trophy table. The plant is owned by Keith Kitoi Taylor of the Sacramento Cactus & Succulent Society, who also created the highly textural pot. What makes this a succulent is the plant’s woody caudex, which is a water tank. The vining foliage is deciduous.

would love to make a team picture/sports trophy/memorabilia shelf for the boy's room to corral their medals/trophies. Super cute!

My fault for making it too easy. Why was that? So, she would not have to face the hurt I did as a child/young adult. Maybe she should have had to face it and she wouldn't be so scared today.

Those trophies in the attic collecting dust? Here is a new idea.

IMAGINE a world run by PSYCHOPATHS Pt I | END Trophy Hunting NOW



Its the best thing ever to see my friends and people around me smile, but its even better knowing that it was me who made them smile:)))))