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Young Noah travels through time, saving animals from extinction. But now his dad’s stuck in the Ice Age, his mom has been dragged off to Mars, and Noah must stop an evil villain dedicated to destroying all life on Earth! ($0.99)

Everything changes on Peter’s 10th birthday when he plunges into a mystical, darkened realm — sending him on a surreal journey through clouds and ice castles. Can he deliver special golden flakes to the fairies before the kingdom crumbles? ($0.99)

All Rufus really wants is a dog, but clean-freak Dad says no way! When Mom brings home a guinea pig instead, cute little furball Fido starts running and fetching and eating homework — he's a guinea dog! A perfect tale for anyone who’s ever gotten more than they asked for ($1.99)

These are so amazing! Must do with the kiddos!

Finn just wants to protect his little sister. But he gets more than he bargained for when he switches bodies with warrior faery Zaneyr. Now they must save both the real world and a magical dimension before it’s too late! ($0.99)

Join ballerina Princess Ruby as she faces a new experience — and learns what it means to be brave! Packed with beautiful illustrations, this delightful and inspiring story has almost 100 five-star reviews on Amazon ($0.99)

Izzy is a small prehistoric bird with a big problem: she doesn’t know how to fly! Little does she know that her misadventures will lead to some of mankind’s greatest inventions. A sweet read for young animal lovers ($0.99)

All aboard for a nautical journey “packed with humor and action” (Booklist)! Fourth grader Fish Finelli bets the town bully his whole summer savings that he can find Captain Kidd’s legendary lost treasure — leading him and his friends through a world of science and mystery ($0.99)

Pepe the Chihuahua is nobody’s lapdog! Along with his owner Geri, he sniffs out crime and gets his paws on a scandalous murder investigation. Can our tiny but mighty hero save the day? A “fun and breezy” mystery (New York Times bestselling author Jennie Bentley) — only $1.99!

Pete the Cat is back in this newest picture book from a New York Times bestselling artist. This time, Pete wakes up feeling grumpy. But with the help of some magic sunglasses, he turns a down day into an awesome day! ($2.99)