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Gluten Free Restaurant Menus & this guide on this page, gf restaurants broken down by state, also has some fast food menu options, and some dine in menu options

Let me say right up front - fruitcake gets a bad rap. My theory is that many object to the darker types, with lots of spice and molasses. Or the sheer size or amount of this rich cake is enough to last folks til next Christmas. You will be pleasantly surprised though with Mrs. Harvey’s White Fruitcake. In the ’50s, Lucile Harvey submitted a recipe to The Tampa Tribune for a fruitcake – she won $5 and second place! But for the next several years, the newspaper got so many requests that they…


Get Rid of Muffin Top: 3 Steps to a Flatter Midsection

This guide shows you the three ways to minimize and eliminate that stubborn belly bulge, better known as a muffin top.