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Practical Ways to Help Kids Become Mission-Minded

Helping Kids Become Mission-Minded - Childrens Ministry -- I think that as parent's, we need to remember that we should be their first "minister". Teaching them and guiding them about their roles as "Christ-followers.*

Giving Kids Christ-Centered Self-Esteem

If we're not giving kids Christ-centered self-esteem, we're leaving them open to losing any self-esteem they have. Find out why.

The ABCs of Great Sunday School Teaching

Discover the ABCs of great Sunday school teaching that are foundational to great Christian education.

Easy Invites - Downloadable Invitation

Free downloadable template. Print these out, fold them, put them where kids can take them, write on them and give them to friends inviting them to a special church event.

Knowing the Kids in Your Ministry to Reach Them for Jesus

Knowing the kids in your ministry to reach them for Jesus is the first step we all must make in our ministries.