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China's go-to beverage? Hot water. Really.

I can’t read enough about the small daily food-and-drink rituals that together form a culture. Here’s one about hot water, the beverage of choice in China. It made me rethink the glass of cold water on my desk. — Kim Severson, Atlanta-based food reporter

A New York Pizza Man’s Brazil Nightmare and the Mess It Exposed

Through the story of one man, this piece describes the weight of bureaucracy in the world of small business in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy. Red tape is pervasive in Brazil and, as this piece shows, a significant impediment to economic growth. — Fernanda Santos, Phoenix Bureau Chief

My Life In The Blogosphere

Andrew Sullivan announced this week that he was leaving the world of blogging. Ben Smith of BuzzFeed was once a young journalist trying to get people like Mr. Sullivan to pay attention to his reporting. His look back on the pluses and minuses of how blogging altered the creation of news is a reminder of how much the online journalism game has changed. —Michael Roston, Senior Staff Editor, Social Media

China’s Renminbi Declines After Being Named a Global Currency, Posing Challenges

China’s Renminbi Declines After Being Named a Global Currency, Posing Challenges - The New York Times

I Spent Two Weeks Tracking A Secret Teen White Supremacist Messaging Group

What is it like to be young, online — and a white supremacist? To find out, Joseph Bernstein went undercover (virtually, anyway) on White Pride World Wide, a group on Kik, a messaging service. Though the anonymity of the platform left questions unanswered, the experience “convinced me that our picture of the white supremacist internet is strikingly outdated, incomplete,” he wrote. — Dan Saltzstein, Assistant Editor, Travel

Chinese President Xi Jinping walks with South African President Jacob Zuma on arrival at the Union Buildings in Pretoria , December 2, 2015. REUTERS/Sydney Seshibedi - RTX1WUI9

Neujahrsfest: China feiert ins Jahr des Pferdes - Bild 1 von 7 - FAZ

China Arrests Ex-Chief of Domestic Security in Graft Case

China Arrests Ex-Security Chief, Zhou Yongkang, in Corruption Inquiry - Perhaps they're taking on Zuma instead ;)

Out of sync with the sun...

Spain is known for its leisurely (and late) hours. But since World War II, it has been in the wrong time zone, and Spaniards have actually been losing sleep over it. This short piece explains how Spain ended up in such a predicament, and why momentum is building to change the clocks and put the country back in sync with the sun. — Gina Lamb, Deputy Deskhead, International/National Copy Desk