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A simple invention, a bottle of water and a couple teaspoons of bleach, is bringing light to the slums of the Philippines

July 11 - A bottled liter of water with a few teaspoons of bleach is proving to be a successful recipe for dwellers in the light-deprived slums of the Philippines.

You can float a coin on the surface of the water!  Students of all ages love this lesson.

You can demonstrate concepts such as surface tension, buoyancy, and even eddy currents with Japanese yen coins! Who knew that a single coin could be used for so many classroom science activities!

E is for Explore!: Static Electricity!  Making Water Bend w/ Static Electricity

Bending Water Make water bend with static electricity! materials: balloon wool& running water Rub the wool on the balloon Run the water low and slow Hold the balloon next to the running water The water will bend! via Quest Garden

Backyard Reading Nook

pretty office lovely space All I want to do this mother's day is sleep all day in this cozy nook ;) Design Inspiration Monday by Dream Book .

Cone and Foxfur nebulas, part of NGC 2264 (Monoceros constellation approx. 2,600 light-years from Earth) CREDIT: Bob and Janice Fera

Astrophotography duo Bob and Janice Fera snapped this photo of the Cone and Foxfur nebulas, which are part of a larger system called NGC 2264 located in the Monoceros constellation about light-years away from Earth. CREDIT: Bob and Janice Fera

MIRACLE GROW: Treated water results in larger, healthier crops, says Professor Austin Darragh of Limerick University

❥ Wave goodbye to global warming, GM and pesticides~ Radio wave-treated water could change agriculture as we know it. Its Irish pioneers meet Tom Prendeville

TEDMED 2012 - if you love TED, then you will love TEDMED - the focus is on health and technology and has a plethora of amazing talks, now published - click to view

Dan Perry at TEDMED 2012 on aging/protein degradation

7 UTEC potable water generator

The billboard produces drinking water out of air - an amazing engineering project in Bolivia.

Mercurio guards the first planet, Mercury

Early findings from the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury is forcing scientists to rethink how the planet closest to the sun formed and what has happened to it over the past 4 billion years.