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In the movie I thought they were just two little kids who wore weird outfits, but NO they have scary demon eyes that turn people to stone!

I hate those people who are "Sammy is not a hero, he done so many bad things" well this just proves to all haters that Sam is amazing.

He's such a precious elf (@devotedtojamie) Dunhill Links. 10/7/16

My God's Not Dead - Newsboys (My 8 year old grandson loves this song!!)

from Christian Movies All in One Place, Easy to Find! CFDb!

God's Not Dead Movie/Film DVD Pure Flix Kevin Sorbo CFDb

God’s Not Dead Movie Coming to Theaters - Learn More on CFDb.

from Barnes & Noble

Harry Potter - Complete 8-Film Collection

The Harry Potter movies. My husband is awesome because he got me this for my 30th. Oh. Yes.

I don't remember if this is a real line, but hey, weirder things have been said on Supernatural.

I want to go to the Glade so I can test myself and see how I would fare. And there's Newt and Minho.

Aw man, I don't want to think about Tony missing Steve so much that he's sitting in his room. My poor sweet Iron Baby! He tries, with every beat of his heart, to do the right thing. And it always backfires on him. Stop hurting Tony, he deserves to be happy!