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If your kiddos love bees as much as mine, it's only a matter of time before they get a liiiiiitle too close All three of these oils work great for bee stings, pulling out the poison, soothing the burn, and helping it heal up quickly. Apply 1 drop (diluted I they are super little) on location as often as they request.

I've created a simplified chart to answer your dilution questions for topical use. Some of the dilution charts can be really confusing to me so I hope this helps put it in easier terms. See FULL POST on

from Redefined Mom

How A Normal Person Uses Essential Oils In Her Daily Life

Ever wonder how a normal person uses essential oils in her daily life? Here is a snapshot of how essentials oils can work in the most normal of households.

Essential Bracelet's Anti-Anxiety/Depression Blend. Surround yourself with a subtle scent or to take a big whiff to help you relax. Anti-Anxiety/ Depression Blend: 1 Drop Lavender- This will help you relax. 1 Drop Bergamot- This will help open up your airways to breathe. 1 Drop Lemon- This oil is instantly uplifting to change your mood. 1 Drop Cedarwood- This will help ground and give confidence

"The Chill Pill" is a wonderful blend using essential oils to help promote relaxation and uplift your mood. In a 10ml rollerball put 1 drop each of Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot and 2 drops each Clary Sage and Frankincense. Topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Roll on wrists, down spine and on the bottom of your feet....and exhale....

1 Drop Lemongrass 2 Drops Wild Orange 2 Drops Juniper Berry 3 Drops Citrus Bliss GREAT FOR THE KIDS!!!! #doterra #liquidjellybeans #jellybeans

I have always bruised easy and love that I can apply oils when I know that I am getting a bruise. For the little bumps I use just a drop of Geranium or Helichrysium and apply 2 times per day and many times I never have any discoloration!!/OneDoterraCommunity