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They do all of this for nine months… NINE MONTHS! | 17 Things Pregnant Women Do That Blow You Away

Hahaha "you look pregnant from space!"

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Some women are all like, 'I love being pregnant' and I'm over here thinking I still have 3 more months before I can drink beer again...

We have bonded over many a pregnancy. Most of them mine.

'there isn't room for both of of us anymore' said all of my internal organs to my growing baby bump.

Things TO say & NOT to Say to a Late / Overdue / Past-Her-Due-Date Pregnant Woman

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Funny Pictures And Quotes Of The Week - 50 Pics -

Funny Pictures And Quotes Of The Week - 50 Pics - March 23, 2015

Being pregnant has made me realize it takes talent not to pee yourself when you sneeze.

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