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English verb tenses table with examples pictures - Learning English with videos and pictures | Learning Basic English, to Advanced Over 700 On-Line Lessons and Exercises Free | Scoop.it

Prepositions of place with pictures

Learning With Mrs. Parker: It's All Good! Pete the Cat Roll and Color activity sheet

FREE @ Learning With Mrs. Parker: Pete the Cat Roll and Color activity sheet. Super for subitizing!

I want this verse made into artwork and hung in our home one day-- our verse that we can cling to and live out as a family.

When Words won’t come I go to scripture. So here they are: Love One another my dear, precious, valuable friends. A rock star from the start, the Reverend Shannon Meacham b…

First-day-of-school t-shirts given to the staff by a principal - love this!

I love the saying, "There is no tired like teacher tired." The first couple of weeks are so busy for us.

Digital textbooks adapt to your level as you learn - tech - 20 August 2014 - New Scientist

Struggling with chapter Adaptive textbooks will give you extra, personalised help when you need it

3 Cheer for Dr. Jean's Cheers!

3 Cheer for Dr. Jean's Cheers!

NEW Dr. Jean's Cheer cards have been given a facelift. Here is a collection of all her classic cheers looking better than ever. AND we added a few new ones as well. FREE (I'd use these with all elementary grades. I've seen these make graders grin!