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2010:The picturesque market town of Rothbury in Northumberland is at the centre of the dramatic hunt for gunman Raoul Moat.He is being hunted in connection with the shooting of his former girlfriend, her new partner and a police officer.A two-mile exclusion zone was set up around the town after the car he was driving was found A 49-page letter from gunman Raoul Moat has been published. In it he vows to "keep killing police until I'm dead" and describes the motivation for his actions.

2013:Police captured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, after a manhunt using helicopters and heavily armed officers in a Boston suburb Apprehended 'covered in blood and hiding in a covered boat 'He and law enforcement officers engaged in a furious exchange of gun-fire.Over 30 rounds were fired in the exchange.terrified residents of Franklin Street were evacuated by police. The stand-off continued until Boston police apprehended Tsarnaev himself having been shot twice

1993: Two boys charged with toddler's murder Two 10-year-old boys have been charged with the abduction and murder of two-year-old James Bulger in Liverpool.The two suspects were arrested and are being held at different police stations with their mothers and lawyers. Bulger family solicitor said:"The family are of course relieved at the progress that has been made. They are still trying to come to terms with the situation." "We should like to thank the police and public for their support,"

*FRONT PAGE: New York Post, New York, N.Y. 'ACT OF WAR'; World Trade Center destroyed many dead...


May 2, 1982: Argentine cruiser General Belgrano torpedoed and sunk by British submarine HMS Conqueror, killing more than 320 Argentine sailors – the single biggest loss of life in the war. Margaret Thatcher faces criticism over the sinking because the vessel was outside the 200-mile exclusion zone around the Falklands.