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Memorial Day

In case you thought it was national BBQ day." ~ MEMORIAL DAY, originally called Decoration Day, was created to honor U. military who died in the Civil War (then expanded to include all wars).

#MilitaryMindsInc ......... ''Sons and Daughters of Freedom, for there is such things as love, honour, and the soul of a man or woman, which cannot be bought, nor die in death'. As mates, we mourn for those we deployed or trained with, that who are no longer with us. The loss of a military spouse, or a grown adult military son or daughter, I just cannot fathom the degree of grief associated with this. It is immeasurable.

Breaks my heart! Just in case you thought Memorial Day was another excuse to get drunk or cook out.

Daddy's home. (I know this isn't everyday, but from the look on his face, you can't come any closer to Heaven then that!

adorable :) I absolutely love how everyone has the face of pure joy just to see that girl running towards her dad.

Show some respect to this guy!

Show some respect to this guy!

I am completely impressed! You, whoever you are, are a hero in my book! A big thumbs up to you!

From Allison L. Crane, RN, MS: This message is being circulated around the world - please keep it going- permalink :   When a soldier comes home, he finds it hard...   "If we ever forget that we're...


Read carefully and stop complaining.also stop complaining when it's been 2 hrs since you got a text from your boyfriend or 2 days without seeing him.

19 year old medic from Texas become the first lady in Afghanistan and only the second woman since World War ll to receive the Silver Star. The Nations third highest medal for valour

Female medic earns Silver Star in Afghan war

Monica Lin Brown only the second woman in history to receive The Silver Star ~☆~

American soil…This almost made me cry.

American soil…

A soldier in Iraq asked his wife to send him dirt (U. soil), fertilizer, and some grass seed. When the men of the squadron have a mission, they take turns walking through the grass and the American soil to bring them good luck.