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i want this dude. he is all wrinkles and i love it

I make my husband tell me the story of how we got our rescue allllll of the time. (Yes, like a child. HA!)

I own a rescue pitbull. People think pitbulls are aggressive dogs, but Jasmine (my dog) is affectionate and docile - reminds me of the dog in this picture.

Its not asking "God help me understand your plans" its asking "God let me accept your will whether I personally understand it or not"

though together we wept, prayed, and hoped for children, we miraculously both felt peace of surrendering to God's will at the exact same time. we completely stopped trying to conceive and even stopped the foster to adopt process.

Sometimes things take a while to sink in…..

It's cute since I customized it, but SOOO not worth it. This poor frog just wants a child!

I believe, as my dear Sister & Brother-In-Law showed me, that it you want to adopt it is one of most loving, life changing decisions you can make in your life.  So instead of complaining, asking why me, spinning your wheels and not living your life-make your dreams your reality, give a child your heart, your love, your family and your soul...  Someone is waiting for you.

Why do people ask or assume I can't have my own children! I have a beautiful amazing daughter. Adoption is my way of giving back because I am so amazingly blessed!

How to Adopt a Goldendoodle, OMG I want I want I want!!

How to Adopt a Goldendoodle

Check out this photo of two goldendoodle puppies. Generally, all goldendoodles shed, though not as much as golden retrievers. However, my guess is that if you get one with more golden.

Deer | You as a MLP Pony - Quiz | Quotev

Hi, I´m fawn. I'm the daughter of a Deer and a pony and both of my parents were killed. I love singing and acting *ADOPTION OPEN*

YES!!!! YES PLEASE GROW UP! LOVE IS LOVE AND YOU CANT FUCKING DENY THAT. if gay or bi people bother you, -which it fucking shouldn't because that's dumb- stay away from them! don't criticize them for who they love. people can be whoever they want and love whoever they want. dear homophobes, grow the hell up and be nice.

Yay for people who've gotten rid of their homophobia well done for realising u were being shit

God will always be there too help....AMEN

This breaks my heart. - No animal deserves a forced death by evil human hands. Advocate for a NO KILL NATION!