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While he was studying for hisFine Arts degree at the University of La Laguna he began to focus on fashion as a framework for his discourse. Instead of buying canvases, he would uses pieces of white clothing with colors and patches, which led to a series of disagreements with his academic peers. During these years he explored painting, graffiti and photography but it became clear that he expressed himself best through the medium of collage.

Lauro Samblás lives in Barcelona, a city with a very special lifestyle, where people come from all over the world. The sea's energy impregnates the city and the sun is a source of light which radiates color that invades his work and feeds his creative spirit. All of this manifests it self in his work through the medium of collage.

This season we arenurtured by the people, the trips we made around the world, andespecially, our spectacular city: from the Mediterranean sea breeze, tiled streets and secret passages filled with flowers, toa graffiti from the 80s and Gaudi’s colourful mosaics. Wherever you look it’s Barcelona.

The harmony between the explosion of all those elements in a city that isespecially alive in summer is interesting, but it's also interesting that winter is gray and we dress in black. All of this appears on the invitation through collage, are source from my creative universe. It's also from my world because at the end of the day I live in Barcelona".

We experienced a new revolution, the big cities as a cultural collage, welcoming hundreds of cultures. Our way of seeing fashion is fun; it emerges from the chaos of the big cities and the densely populated streets, it is born out of the contrast between different cultures and the perfect mixture of diversity. We are the result of a combination of different kinds of art, cultures, textures and colors

"Color is such an important dimension of everything" by #AlexaMeade

Creative freedom and letting go of fear in the search to define a personal mode of expression are the essence of his creativediscourse. "The key to my work is the absolute freedom to do what I feel. And this is what I do, whether it be an illustration, sculpture or installation".

A personal language in which contrastis the basis and a major source of inspiration that allows her to develop her work as a stylist and create expressive, inimitable looks. "I like using contrast. So if I have something elegant like a dress, I'll combine it with sneakers and messy hair. Or if I have something dirty, I'll combine it with diamonds..."

Misha Janette' s style does not goun noticed. Her special talent for mixing and putting to gether unexpected looks has caught the attention of people like Nicki Minaj and actress Rinko Kikuchi. Fashion shows its most expressive side when she's in charge, it goes beyond formula sand conventions, like a personal, everyday act of creativity.