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A Turkish woman mourns her dead husband, a victim of Greek-Turkish inter-communal violence in 1964.

Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011

1989 A demonstrator confronts a line of People’s Liberation Army tanks during protests for democratic reform. (Charlie Cole)

Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011

<b>Every year since the World Press Association gathers in Amsterdam to pick a picture of the year.</b> Here

War photographer with glasses an a plethora of cameras getting his portrait taken. Houses in the background. B&W.

The Battle of Iwo Jima was a battle in which the United States fought for and captured Iwo Jima from Japan.The Japanese positions on the island were heavily fortified, with vast bunkers, hidden artillery, and 18 kilometres (11 mi) of underground tunnels.The battle was the first American attack on the Japanese Home Islands. It was immortalized by Joe Rosenthal's photograph of the raising of the U.S. flag on top of the 166 meter (546 ft) Mount Suribachi by five Marines and one Navy…

1986: Ken Meeks’ (42) skin is marked with lesions caused by Aids-related Kaposi’s Sarcoma. (By Alon Reininger)