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Day 3 of #7DaysOfGiftGuides is live! I have 5 cool tech gadgets for less than $50:

A Splendid Messy Life: My Favourite Skin Care Products


Fashion Wish List: May

Fashion Wish List for May

Check out my fall wish list for Lush Cosmetics:

Work essentials you need for summer:

She turned sixteen yesterday. She's no longer the sweet chubby-faced baby I knew so well. I knew every inch of her, in the knowing way of mothers, from the curls that swooped around her curving ears to her fat little toes I kissed each morning. I knew her quirks and her desires, how she liked her oatmeal and how her brother made her squeal. She made me beam with just her existence. And her face would light up like a mirror of mine when she saw me.


5 Effective Herbs To Control Blood Sugar Levels

Lose those tough nagging 10 pounds and keep them off for good


What to Wear: Graduation

For graduation, you'll need a dress you'll feel confident in. Try these 4 options:

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Epsom Salts Lavender Bath

Epsom Salts Bath - Natural Fit Foodie

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4 Quick Exercises to Get Rid of Underarm Flab and Back Bulge in 3 Weeks (Diary of a Fit Mommy)

The Underarm Flab and Back Bulge distorts the body shape of many women. It also makes it very uncomfortable wearing a bra. Many, people have tried dieting to no avail. The surest and the most effectiv