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Her magic can inspire both insight and madness.

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What Kind of Mermaid Are You?

We were just playing a joke, we werent ment to fall in love... But thats what happened. Just my luck. (Open rp for the guy)

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Darkness Cardigan Cloak

nice Darkness Cardigan Cloak by

Mélanie Delon - Happy Halloween everyone! WEB | SHOP | ARTBOOK...

Okay, so at this point, who is it that's talking? >:) We all have our skeletons in the closet...

story inspiration. The High Space Marines, always trying to stop the empire from filling the graveyards. Sometimes they win. sometimes, they dont.

"Sirens. Their beauty is their deception, for they are one of the vilest creatures alive. They lure any living thing they can into their waters and trap them there where they feed off their life force until their victim perishes." (B2: Quest for a Forgotten Legend) ~Wendy Hamlet

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Digital Art by Aditya Ikranegara

"Untitled-27" by aditya777 on DeviantArt. (tags: mermaid, skulls)

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What Mythical Creature Describes Your Personality?

Sirens Lament_by Anne Stokes.jpg (630×492)