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Luck be a sister By Sam Pauo 3 out of 4 stars They say you should follow your heart. But the heart can be a bad guide at times. It can lead you down the wrong path, to chance encounters with the wrong people, and even a brush with death. [...]

At over 175,000 subscribers, #Lil #Crazed is perhaps “Khmer America’s top YouTube celebrity” today. Born Alexander Ou, the Minnesota lyricist began writing poetry at the age of 14. Ou now runs an artist management company known as King in Disguise (KiD) and has released three successful mix tapes, the latest being the summer 2011 album “Chapter 3: Liberation.” His stage performances include an all-star line up of platinum artists such as Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy/Cup...

As a designer, one can’t get bigger clients than Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. But for Remy Hou, these iconic American celebrities are just three in Hou’s growing portfolio of satisfied customers. Born Rathana Hourhornnhean Hou, the 30-something fashionista recently returned home to Long Beach after an appearance at the first-ever Cambodia Fashion Week in Phnom Penh. Expect Hou to soar in 2012 with his clothing lines Engineered by Remy and EGR Sport. #remyhou

Khmer America’s most influential citizen: PraCh Ly, a LONG BEACH {CA} native continue to rise in the arts and the community. Already with two successful full albums, praCh released the critically acclaimed third album “Dalama 3: Memoirs of the Invisible War” in 2008 to high praise (and even a death threat). Outside his music, praCh is a pillar in Long Beach’s Cambodian American community through his dedication to the Cambodian Coordinating Council and Cambodia Town initiative.

ANIDA YEOU ALI is a first generation Muslim Khmer woman born in Cambodia and raised in Chicago. IMAGE: Anida shared her disappointment a few days after vandals defaced her exhibit at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which addressed racial profiling and the rise of violence and hate directed at Muslims in the post-9/11 era, was vandalized with large caricatures and a word bubble highlighting the text “Kill all Arabs”.

Born refugee, Phatry Derek Pan, is the CEO and Co-Founder of the #Khmerican, a web-based company that publish original content on Khmer America.

While a slew of urban clothiers have arisen in the past few years, no one has seen as much growth and popularity as Jacksonville’s #Van #Keo. The 24-year-old Keo is the founder and CEO of CamboFresh Clothing. Their signature “CAM BOD IAN” tees have gone viral with Khmer American youth and hip hop artists, notably JL Jupiter (R, in photo), Vandaliss and Golden Chyld. A nascent media partnership with the Khmerican along with consistent new designs will keep Keo’s clothin...

While Mujestic Records has been hibernating the past few years, a new force formed out in the east coast in August 2011: Life Lab Entertainment. Founded by Jeff ‘JL Jupiter’ Lek, Phanit ‘Memo Jackson’ Duong, and Vyreak Sovann, the trio brought much needed ruckus (and unity) to the world of Khmer American hip-hop. Their first artist, JL Jupiter, debuted “Resident Alien” to much-deserved hype and praise from all corners of the US with singles such “Bad ...

After the Khmer Rouge killed both her parents, Theary Seng and her surviving family trekked across the border for Thailand (November 1979) and emigrated to the U.S. one year later. She wrote the book Daughter of the Killing Fields, (London 2005). Fierce, highly intelligent, courageous, and beautiful, Theary Seng has dedicated her life to finding and forwarding peace and justice for her people. #shero #author #hero #peace #activist