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keep climbing hooker

You couldn't climb high or fast enough to reach me, bitch. I will always be the best and you can stop trying to be me (he hates you for that).

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Who Run The World? How Women Are Making Waves In Male-Dominated Fields

Of course you did! Saw she went to Mexico and just like us and Cali couldn't help yourself....you have turned into THAT bitch!!! Life isnt a contest, I feel so sorry for your kids making fake ass memories, memories off your psychotic behaviors! Fake as they come, always doing the same things after someone else. But you living your life right!!!!   #howembarrasaing #befuckinoriginal

25 Short Curly Hairstyles 2013 – 2014

This week's flower is the gorgeous Movie Star Rose, a long-stemmed coral rose worthy of our three favorite Hollywood icons: Liz, Marilyn a.