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mark rothko - no. 61 (rust & blue) - (1953) no figures, timeless subject matter, grasping for universal insights, cosmic meanings, wants to get a generalized spiritual response from viewer. 3 rectangles of color, paint is applied thinly, edges are blurred, different tones of color

ARMOUR | Jesse Draxler | Minneapolis-based visual artist Jesse Draxler is a Mixed Medium artist. His visceral work transcends genre and medium.

Dunes in the Noachis Terra Region of Mars. This enhanced-color image shows sand dunes trapped in an impact crater in Noachis Terra, Mars. Dunes and sand ripples of various shapes and sizes display the natural beauty created by physical processes. The area covered in the image is about six-tenths of a mile (1 kilometer) across.

Molecules - Sarah Bagshaw | via Sarah Bagshaw ||

Living Architecture: Tomás Saraceno’s Cosmic Spider Webs Propose an Alternative to Human Structures An artist trained as an architect, Tomás Saraceno deploys insights from engineering, physics,...